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We craft mobile apps that make your life more efficient.

Experienced Staff

Empower brings well over 25 years of industry experience to the table when you work with us. We are creative, artistic, love to solve complex problems and we're really good at what we do.

Mobile App Development

Over the years we've built some pretty awesome mobile apps on a wide variety of platforms and for a diverse group of markets. From farming to medicine and even sports, we know how to craft mobile apps that you'll want to use.

Web App Development

Need a web app to support your mobile endeavors? We possess a wide variety of expertise in developing powerful web solutions that are maintainable and scale.

Creative Problem Solving

At Empower we like to solve problems. So much so in fact that we are not afraid to fail over and over until we find the right solution for you.

User-Focused Discovery

When we architect solutions, your users become just as important as the features that your app(s) will possess. Happy users equal productivity.

Quality & Efficiency

We craft top quality, forward-looking software that aims for both immediate and long-term success. With a good design and stable implementation, you'll have happy users too.

Our Process

We solve complex problems with our unique, hybrid approach to agile mobile app development.

Discovery allows us to understand how you see a mobile app helping you from day to day.  Its length varies from project to project, but by the end we all know what we're building and what it will likely cost to do it - all before we write a line of code.


By now you've reviewed the results of Discovery and have agreed to a design, roadmap and budget for your app.  As we build it, we will keep you in the loop and share progress.  It's exciting to see your ideas finally come to life!


Here we release your app for field trials and await any bugs or issues with usability.  Its duration is completely dependent on the size of the project and how many users are testing it, but this can be great indicator as to how an official launch will go.


Depending on the complexity of your app and technical savviness of your users, you may want us to aid in drafting up documentation and/or providing a training session to soften any learning curve.  We'd be happy to assist ... just say the word.


It's go time!  At this stage, your support staff is in place and everything is ready to go.  We will submit the app to the appropriate place(s) on your behalf and monitor the approval process.  If anything comes up, we'll let you know.


Once your app has been launched and in use by the masses, you may want us to remain available on a part-time basis to support you as things come up.  Just let us know your needs and we'll see what we can do ... support comes in all flavors!


Coming soon!

Previous Work

Check out images of past projects we've had our hand in over the years ... circa 2000-now!

Our Team

Meet the Empower team.
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    Principal / CTO - Founder

    About Tom

    Tom Jaros is a veteran in the Mobile Computing industry with over 25 years of experience in the design, development and deployment of mobile client / server software solutions for a wide variety of platforms and markets. He graduated from the University of Vermont in May of 1994 with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Music.

    His personal software journey began in the summer of 1981 after receiving a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A from his family. This curious, young boy from rural Connecticut would spend much of his free time reading its programming manual and learning everything from basic logic to writing complex GOSUB subroutines and even making his own spaceship move around the screen.

    This curiosity would stick with him through his teenage years and straight on into college where Tom’s love of mobile app development began. In the summer of 1992, he took a job as a college intern at a small Connecticut firm developing software for Psion handheld computers (the Organizer and HC Series). Within 10 minutes of the job interview and holding a handheld computer for the first time, Tom knew exactly what he would be doing for the rest of his professional career.

    As this new journey unfolded, Tom would go on to develop robust software solutions for many mobile platforms such as the Data General Data Genie, the Apple Newton, the Palm handheld line, Windows CE/Mobile-based devices and more recently all of the Apple iOS-based devices. Throw in complex desktop and web solutions to supplement the mobile apps he was building, his deep understanding of system architecture, user interface design, hierarchal and relational data modeling, performance tuning, memory usage optimization, RS232, wireless, Bluetooth and ethernet communications, integration of various embedded devices, printers, barcode scanners and dialup modems, his proficiency in numerous programming languages, his ability to refactor complex code and craft detailed documentation, and now you begin to understand where that curiosity as a young boy eventually took him.

    In 2005, Tom formed Empower Mobility to nurture his entrepreneurial spirit, showcase his passion for crafting killer mobile apps and leverage his diverse background as a software engineer. To get more involved in his local business community, he went on to join the board of the Vermont Technology Alliance in 2007, help create one of Champlain College’s first online mobile app development courses in 2013, and even hire several college interns to teach them mobile app development along the way.

    Today you can still find Tom writing code and promoting mobile app development, but he’s also taking time out for himself, playing a lot of billiards and spending time with family. If you’re interested in working with Tom, send a message through the contact form just below. He loved to hear from you!

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    Customer Relations Specialist

    About Finn

    Finnegan the dog hails from the NorthEast Kingdom, bringing love, smiles and full-body wags to each and everyone he meets. From the moment his paws hit the carpet of our halls, he’s meetin’ and greetin’. He’s an integral part of the Empower team. When he’s not working at Empower he’s swimming, chasing sticks and smelling anything and everything he sees.

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Artwork Integration 5%
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