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We are a highly experienced software development company with a strong focus in mobile app development. Grounded by our Vermont surroundings and well-equipped with over 30 years of industry experience, we bring just the right mix of creativity, curiosity, tenacity, coding and problem-solving skills to any project.

We do precisely what our business name says.

1. Discover

Here we dive into your mobile app requirements, clearly define project parameters and development costs.

2. Design

Having requirements, plan and budget in place, we design and prototype your mobile app before full development begins.

3. Develop

At this point, we're now knee deep into building your mobile app and testing as we go. Interim builds are provided as needed.

4. Test

While we test during development, we also want you to test the mobile app for yourself. We'll fix any bugs you find at this time, too.

5. Deploy

With your finished mobile app in hand, it is now ready to deploy it to your users. Let's get it out there!

6. Support

Now that your mobile app is deployed to the world, we can provide support for you and your app if desired. Needs vary, so let's talk!

Our Work

The Team

  • Tom Jaros

    Tom Jaros

    Principal / CTO - Founder

    About Tom Jaros

    Tom’s love for software development began at the young age of 8 years old when his father brought home a Texas Instruments TI99/A. He already had an affinity for video games thanks to Atari, but growing up in a more rural portion of the Connecticut shoreline Tom had ample time to open the manual and learn the basics of programming. In fact, it wasn’t long before he learned how to create his own spaceship out of customized ASCII extended characters and make it fly around the screen …

    While computers and programming remained a constant throughout his time growing up, it wasn’t until his years at the University of Vermont that something sparked different within him. There he began to realize his full potential after first being exposed to the Pascal programming language and x86 Assembly language in the same year.  That following summer Tom set out to learn how to access video memory via INT 10H and create his own DOS windowing system with drop shadow.  As creativity flowed and his interests expanded, he soon was delving into the basics of terminate-stay-resident or TSRs. It was amazing to him what you could find in the local bookstore … and what you could learn if you wanted to.

    In the summer of 1992, Tom took on an internship role at a small company in Cheshire Connecticut called Asset Management Technologies. About 15 minutes into the interview with the owner, Tom was introduced to the Psion HC Range of handheld computers.  These computers were 16-bit, multitasking devices with solid state technology and highly extensible modular hardware elements that, not only could you write code for them in ‘C’, but you could also do everything from scan barcodes, print receipts, leverage various communication mediums simultaneously and more.  Tom found himself immediately hooked, and his career in all things mobile was born.

    Fast forward to now and Tom is still at it helping clients realize their dreams through mobile technology.  Tom brings an entire career of experience, problem solving, tenacity and creativity to each and every thing he works on.  While Tom is not working, he can be found in Vermont spending time with his dog Finn, family and friends. In more recent years, he can be found playing competitive pool in a local amateur pool league.

  • Finnegan


    Chief Negotiating Officer

    About Finnegan

    Finn has been a staple at Empower since the beginning.  A beloved addition to the team, Finn brings a warmth and joy to the work environment that is unmatched, and we cannot imagine the place without him.

    When he’s not sleeping on his favorite bed or facilitating a meeting at Empower, he can be found going through the legs of those he greets in an effort to deposit copious amounts of fur upon their black garments.

    He’s good like that.

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.

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Here are just a few of the businesses that have entrusted us as their mobile app developer throughout the years. Are you next?

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