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Empower Mobility develops high quality, custom mobile software backed by 20 years of industry experience. From complex data models and custom communications to elegant, responsive and intuitive mobile user interfaces, we truly do what our business name says.

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Lots of Mobile Experience ...

Long before the iPhone was around, we used to develop mobile solutions for a plethora of other platforms including Psion, Palm and Windows Mobile. It's fun to look back - we've worked on some neat stuff! Check it some of these cool past projects >>>

... now on Apple iPhone and iPad

While our website doesn't really show it yet (we're working on it!), we've actually been working with the Apple iOS platform since 2008. We've taken our experiences from the past and brought them to iOS ... and to new levels. More on our Apple iOS experience >>>

Taking the Desktop & Web Mobile

The funny thing about mobile is, it's usually not the only part of the solution. That's why we're no slouch when it comes to helping you break away from the desktop and extend your reach to mobile as well. We've worked with numerous communication mediums and data storage models to take Big Data and fit it into really small spaces. More on our proven solutions >>>

The Total Package

The bottom line is, we get mobile. We get that it's not just about the app. We get that your intended user is not always a 20-something. We get that your business process or idea is truly unique and that it's going to need that careful attention to detail that few others give. We're going do it right, and the first time. This is what we do. Don't believe us? Call us today for a free consult and let us show you.

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Apple iOS Development

Empower Mobility has already developed solutions for various companies. Click on the image to find out more.

Windows Mobile Development

With over 12 years of experience developing applications for Windows Mobile Devices, Empower Mobility will be able to develop the mobile sollution you need.

Cross-Platform Solutions

Our solutions are not limited to mobile devices. Empower Mobility can develop mobile apps that work hand in hand with desktop utilities to suit your needs.


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